Boers & Crosses

We initially purchased 3 commercial Boer does and a Boer buck from Tanya Farris of Bulletcreek Nubians to provide our family with extra meat.  Since we already had a herd of Purebred Nubians, were very particular about the health of the animals we brought to our farm.  We know and trust Tanya and her herd management and health, as she tests for more diseases than just about every breeder we know, since she ships animals overseas.  Our own CAE tests as well as observation of the animals have confirmed what we already knew to be true of the goats Tanya raises: they are as healthy and hardy as they come!  In 2015, we purchased a Purebred Boer buck (also tested clean through WSU's Biosecurity Screen) from Perry Farms Boer Goats.  The same year, we also decided to sell all of our Nubians in favor of keeping just Boers because they don't require as intense of management.  In 2016, we may have some half-blood Boer doe kids for sale.  Check back with us for availability.